New year, new blog.

That’s the decorations down, everyone trooped off to work, school, whatever else, and made it through the most depressing day of the year.
I spent Christmas and new year on the rock drinking, eating and merrymaking as only the Christmas season allows you to do. Being on the rock also meant lots of rain, even more wind and much shanking of heads when I said I was going on the ferry the day before I was due to start college: “I hope it goes, the forecast is bad” was heard more often than I care to remember over the last few fraught days. I had, of course, heard this two weeks before when I had come. I had practically been walking up the gangway the last time my mum called asking what was happening and what I was going to do if the ferry didn’t go. An hour later than planned and having been seasick for the first time in my life I did make it across the Minch and home.
Now that we’ve properly hit January and all New Year’s resolutions have been long forgotten or broken that all now seems like a distant memory. I’m not too worried though because the highlight of winter in Glasgow will soon be coming up with Celtic Connections under two weeks away. Still not quite decided exactly what to go for but Mull Historical Society and Seth Lakeman look good. Hoping to get to a few other things too. Hope work and finances agree.

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