It’s started…

I love Celtic Connections time. It really chases away the January blues and is a great excuse to get out and about, have a drink and see some amazing world music. 

The festival started yesterday and today will be my first gig, Mull Historical Society at the Arches, I’ve only ever been to a gig at the Arches once and that was a few years ago so I’m intrigued to see what the venues like. He’s due to play all the songs from his debut Loss. In my opinion that’s not his best album but I’m sure it’ll be a great gig. Mull Historical Society have been with me for a decade or more since, curious about the name and told he was good, I bought his album Us and went to see him at the Barrowlands. I was 15 and extremely excited to be traveling from my Hebridean island to see a gig at the legendary venue. The fact that he was a fellow Hebridean made it all the sweeter. 

I’m less involved in Celtic Connections this year due mainly to having college and trying to work as much as possible. I’m only doing a few reviews instead of volunteering which has involved making sure artists know where they’re going and working in the office. It was always really good fun and I may consider going back next year but by then I’ll be a few months away from  completing my course so college might be a bit full-on to do that again. It would be good fun and I’m sure it would also be good for the contacts book.

I’ll post about the gigs and the reviews will be in Music News Scotland. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a gig to get ready for.

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