Mull Historical Society @ The Arches

Sorry it’s taken me quite a while to get around to this. Predictably Friday night in the Arches was amazing.
There’s a bit of trend just now to play albums In their entirety, Mull Historical Society have decided this is a good idea and play all of debut album loss beginning with public service announcer. The band storm through the first few tracks of loss with barely time to take a breath before starting the banter with Colin MacIntyre telling us of the funny looks he got while walking around Florida, earphones in and singing along to Loss in order to remember the words. ‘What’s the next song on loss?’ he asks at one point explaining that he has only one contact lense in.
Just before Barcode Bypass there is worrying talk of a chainsaw and sure enough half way through Sonny appears and proceeds to rev chainsaw to replicate the sounds on the album. Brave MacIntyre even plays back to back with him. The album was written as a reaction to the death of his father and Only I is dedicated to his dad. The set also had it’s rocky moments with Animal Canabus and This is Not who we were sounding particularly big this high roofed venue. Calling card Mull Historical Society gets the crowd dancing and is a highlight of the show. After penultimate Loss track Paper Houses an announcement from the Mull ferry is played just like on the album. On the song Loss the drums get the big punchy treatment and when MacIntyre sings ‘I share my loss with you’ you get the feeling that that’s exactly what he’s done.
The album may be done but the gig is far from over. They continue a trawl through the archive with an acoustic five more minutes and then bring us up to date with Fold out city and the lights. There’s also an outing for new single Keep Falling which is out in February and a hint that a new album will be worked on this year.
Post gig we thought we would go and get a wee refreshment downstairs. Turns out Colin, his band, friends and family hat the same idea. After sitting and deliberating we spotted our chance to say hello and got to have a wee chat with the man himself.

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