Getting out…

The other day in college we were allowed out as part of a live news day to try and give us an idea about how it would work in the real world. It was pretty cool really and a great experience.

In the morning I watched the public petitions committee taking evidence on if the Golden Eagle should become the national bird of Scotland. It was a fairly interesting debate and I got a decent wee story of it. My better story, though, was yet to come.

I had heard that care workers were striking over a change in pay in conditions and after some research found that they were going to have a protest outside the city chambers at one o’clock. A classmate was also heading into town and as we got the bus we mused that this isn’t how real journalists would do it! Just before the protest properly got underway I nervously approached some women who looked like they may be care workers. They were and one in particular gave me great information on how they had been told they would now have to work up to three 12 1/2 hour shifts in a row and that they were being told to sign the new contracts or be sacked. I asked for her name but she wouldn’t give it. I was a little disappointed but can totally understand why.

I then spoke to SNP councillor and Social work spokesperson who said emphatically that they were backing the strikers and were appalled at the tactics being used against the Trade Unions. Then the proper speeches got underway. There were some from unison, care workers explaining why the new deal was unfair and Susan Aitkin made a speech too.

I was a bit buzzing when I got back to class to write it up. Once I’d done that I got pretty good feedback . It was a great experience and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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