I always wanted a paper round.

Yesterday there was a debate in the Westminster parliament on Scotland’s place in the UK. It was predictably based on fear and very one sided, contributions by Messrs Wishart and MacNeil excepted. When they were allowed to speak they were shouted down by MPs who refused to listen to another side. Then this morning we had David Cameron telling we should say in the union and the good folk of England, Wales and Northern Ireland should be convincing us to stay. The problem is that he gave us no real reason to want to stay. He harked back to common victories from Team GB’s medal haul in the London Olympics to wars fought together. The question I wanted answered was what would the future be in the union? I think I can already guess, more austerity, bigger cuts in wages and public service and the poor and immigrants demonised whether working or not. It’s not a country I want to be part of and the way out is through independence.

So, with the words of Cameron still ringing in my ears I headed off for an afternoon of delivering Yes newspapers. For once it was sunny so we managed to get a good few out for a Friday afternoon. I was donning my rather fetching yes jumper that I got for my birthday for the occasion. Typically the area we were in was full of hills and steps and as we were just leafleting rather than canvassing we weren’t speaking to folk. It can be argued how useful simply leafleting is but what it does do is allow is to reach a lot of people quickly. We delivered the best part of 1,000 leaflets  in around about two hours. Whether the people read them or simply throw them in the bin is up to them. I hope as many as possible do read them because the mainstream media is pretty useless at being balanced and you have to look into yourself and make a bit of an effort to find out both sides. The grassroots campaign and getting boots on the ground is what Yes has been brilliant at and what will win us the referendum. We’re bringing our positive message to the people and Better Together are nowhere to be seen apart from behind the glass of a t.v screen. They’re distant and we’re knocking on you’re door.

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