Cairn string quartet

It’s been a while but I have been getting out and about a bit. Went to a SXSW fundraiser at Platform not long ago which was pretty good.
Cairn String quartet have been invited along to Huston, Texas for the SXSW festival. As anyone who has been invited will know being asked is only the start, then comes the fundraising for flights, visas etc and that’s what this gig is all about.
They have brought along a bit of a who’s who of the Scottish music industry with singer-songwriters, hip-hop and everything in between represented. In between the quartet themselves treat us to a bit of a musical tour de force which also seems to span every possible genre from pop hits like Lorde’s Royals to Chvrches The Mother We Share and the folky Big Archie by Duncan Chisholm. The quartet have a way of reimagining these tunes and making them theirs that us great to hear. Keeping everything running smoothly is compere Olaf Furniss.
There are some interesting and uniques collaborations too with R.M Hubbard joining both Emma Pollok and Aidan Moffat to start us off the evening in Platform.
A break is then taken to allow the audience to get a drink and buy some raffle tickets. It also allows the only full band of the evening, Call to Mind, to set themselves up. David from Kid Canaveral and Stephen from Errors are also on hand to add some rock to the quartet’s sound. Towards the end we are treated to what we are promised is a world exclusive, a performance by Louie (Hector Bizerk) Solareye (Stanley Odd) and Gasp of a new track entitled Phantom of the awkward. ‘I never though I’d be playing with a lovely string quartet in Easterhouse’ quips Louie. Finally we have James from the Twilight Sad joining the Cairn String Quartet on stage.
It was definitely a great gig to see and rarely do you get to see such immense and diverse talent in the same place and it speaks volumes for the Cairn Quartet that so many musicians wanted to get involved and play with them. The only drawback to this approach is that there was only time for the guests to get one or two songs each.

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