RIC mass canvass 2: Drumchapel

Just a wee word about the mass canvass RIC organised for Drumchapel last Sunday. Thankfully the day was good and mostly sunny and it was a really good atmosphere that greated the 80 odd canvassers from Glasgow and beyond as we gathered at the Drumchapel shopping centre. The main aim was to canvass the area and to give out electoral registration forms. It’s absolutely vital that as many people as possible vote in this referendum and by targeting areas like this we hope to get people from deprived areas who are usuually pretty turned off by politics to get involved and engage in this debate. The vision for an independent Scotland that RIC have is one that will really benefit the working class so they are out to show how much can be gained by independence.

When we got going we discovered that the good weather was both a blessing and a curse as many folk were out enjoying it. We did manage to grab a couple of folk who were out in their garden. Many seemed undecide but more than happy to listen, ask question and tell us their hopes and fears for independence. The only really negitive reactions we got was from two veterens. One had been in the Army and the other the RAF. They were both convinced of the need for nuclear wepons with one claiming that if Ukaine had nuclear wepons Russia wouldn’t have invaded. He did admit that, of course, they would never be used but believed they did provide an effective deterrent. Given that one of RIC’s main arguments, and one of the main arguments for Yes across the board, is the removal of these wepons of mass destruction from the Clyde and that the money could then be used  for more important things such as health and education, it wa clear we were never going to win these guys round.

Thankfully other groups had better luck and when the information was counted there were 176 yes, 67 no and 118 undecided. Although this is a clear victory for yes there’s a lot of work to be done there due to the number of undecideds.

You can see a video of the day here.

and find out more about RIC here

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