Fatherson @ the Arches

Having just released debut album I am an Island this hometown show was sure to be special for Fatherson.

The venue is absolutely packed even before the support act have finished and the audience is impatient before Fatherson take to the stage. The importance of the night is not lost on Fatherson and they are very sincere in their thanks, bass player Marc Strain branding the night “absolutely insane” on more than one occasion.

The crowd love every minute of the hour long set that sees highlights from their album mix with older songs. There are some huge singalongs including First Born and Hometown which is particularly appreciated tonight. The only people who look like they are enjoying it more is the band themselves who look amazed at the reaction but are soaking it all up. The band has been busy touring and are very tight and professional.  Final song James seems to give the audience even more energy if that were possible. The sing along chorus is still being heard long after the band leave the stage.

Fatherson made the Arches their own and may have to get used to more nights like this in their future. There’s a confidence and professionalism about that mark them out as serious ones to watch, that’s not mentioning a small collection of great songs that will surely keep growing.

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