Sound to sea

I spent this morning hearing about one of the most interesting and diverse events to be part of the 2014 cultural festival.
Run by Cryptic, Sound to sea will have 150 bands and performers take to the waters of the Clyde on boats of all shapes and sizes on August 1st and 2nd. Musical acts will range from Treacherous. Orchestra to Frightened rabbit and Glasgow Phoenix choir among many, many others. Away from music there will be performances by Ariel dance theatre company, All or Nothing and outdoor arts experts Walk The Plank. With such diversity there’s bound to be something for everyone.
This will be the only event of festival 2014 to take place on the Clyde and will be one of the largest scale events of the cultural program. It will take start at 9.30 pm as dusk falls and allowing there to be fireworks displays.
This is also a special year for Cryptic with it being it’s 20th anniversary. Founder and artistic director Cathie Boyd says: “Since moving here in 1990 I have always wanted to make a performance on the Clyde and this is a brilliant opportunity to work with the science centre in it’s iconic surroundings
I hope that sound to sea not only celebrates all that makes Glasgow and Scotland a unique and innovative creative place, but is also a legacy project for the Commonwealth games”
The science centre will be heavily involved and at the launch assurances were given that the science centre tower would be working. Their CEO says: “Sound to sea will be a spectacular celebration and a unique opportunity to use the River Clyde waterfront and the science centre as a backdrop for a magical event”
Not much has been revealed about the boats yet other than the fact that the Royal Navy will be providing HMS Pursuer and HMS Bangor to be part of the event. Captain Chris Smith says: “I’m delighted that the Royal Navy is able to be involved with sound to sea, it’s a great opportunity to showcase some of the unique capabilities we have”.
Another great thing about this event is that it’s completely free. You can register for tickets from Monday 19th may at

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