That Euro election

Doubtless there will be much written about why UkIP won as many seats as it did across Britain and even managed to sneak a seat in Scotland. The reasons are not hard to understand. First and most obviously is people voting UKIP, there is also the problem of low turnout and the fact that the BBC and other media have been giving them so much air time is also partly to blame.

You wonder if those 100,000 Scots who voted for UKIP realise the contempt the party hold Scotland in. They claim we’re subsidy junkies despite the fact that Scotland pays it’s way and would abolish the Scottish parliament if they had the power. That as well as being out of the EU means that almost all decision making would be made in Westminster with some in local councils. After 15 years of having a parliament of our own this would be unacceptable to the Scottish people and quite rightly. You also wonder if they were all aware that their new representative is based in London.

The low turnout means that it’s a tiny number of Scots that voted UKIP but as they got 10% of the vote they were elected for the sixth seat. If the Scottish people had bit here to get off the sofa and to their local polling station we could have had MEPs that were truly representative of the country. I refuse to believe that 10% of people in Scotland support the racist, sexist and homophobic UKIP as it goes against everything I know about Scotland being a welcoming and tolerant country. Some countries had up to 90% turnout and this is something that Scotland and Britain should aim to emulate. The extremist parties may have little support but the support they do have always goes out and vote. The low turnout is a problem that is not unique to the EU elections and shows just how fed up most people are of the political system we have.

Things may have been different too if the BBC and other media hadn’t given Nigel Farage such a massive platform to put forward his views. As leader of a party he should have been given some airtime but the fact that he has been on Question Time 25 times is absolutely disproportionate. He was even on when Question Time came to Glasgow despite UKIP having not so much as a councilor in Scotland until Sunday night. If you’re given that much air time people will listen and you will be made legitimate no matter how extreme your views.

Some SNP folk have also complained about the Greens splitting their vote. While some people did switch from SNP to Green the SNP saw barely any change in their share of the vote from last time. People voted Green not to try and keep UKIP out but to get a Green MEP, Maggie Chapman, in. Yes, very few people in Scotland wanted to see UKIP in but people should not vote for their second option in order to keep someone else out.  You should always vote for something, not against something else.

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