The finish line

I’ve been out canvassing first with Yes Southside then Yes Cathcart for the best part of two years. When I delivered the first of many hundreds of leaflets it really felt a bit like the day wouldn’t come although, of course, at that point we didn’t even know when the day would be. As it crept closer and the shoes became more worn with the miles walked something great started to happen. People began listening and the number of Yes voters gradually crept up. People stopped being scared. This was being repeated across the country.
The people I’ve met along the way have been the best part of it. From our fearless leaders Kirsty and Paul to all the folks of all political persuasions and the many yes, no and undecideds I’ve spoken to on the doors they have each had their own story and I’ve learned a lot from many of them. I hope that for some the talks on the door and information I’ve given them have given them something to think about and helped them along the road to a yes vote.
A thing that changed our campaign was having rooms and it was amazing to see the campaign go from about 5 of us meeting on the street to recently having about 30 to 40 people out each night and having a great base to meet in. I took about two weeks off in July for holidays and work at the Commonwealth games and there was such a difference in the atmosphere and the numbers coming out when I came back. It was since about June that I noticed that every time I walked to canvassing there would be at least one new yes windae to admire on the way.
As well as the leaflets and miles walked there have been great marches and demos. I’ll never forget being part of the yes crew at the march and rally in Edinburgh last year. I was handing out yes signs as the marchers went past and it seemed like it would never end. They just kept coming and coming solidly for about an hour. Up on the hill the mood was positive, happy and like a big carnival. There were great speeches and the crowd were really fired up. It was maybe the first time I though we really could do this and the momentum has grown hugely since then. This weekend there were thousands on Buchanan street and it was a brilliant atmosphere. If we get a yes vote George Square is going to be amazing on Friday but I’m getting miles ahead of myself.
If when I started people would have told me what a huge movement this would turn into and that on the eve of polling we would be neck and neck and no one would be able to predict the outcome I don’t know if I would have believed them. It’s penetrated every section of society and has already rocked the British establishment to it’s core. RIC have made sure that people are registered and feel their vote matters, Women For Independence has got more and more women engaged and all but closed the gender gap while National Collective have provided the soundtrack and the cool factor in the campaign. As an activist I became increasingly aware that I was a tiny cog that was part of a machine that fed into a massive movement.
I’m already so proud of being part of this campaign and don’t regret a step of the miles walked around Mount Florida, Newlands, Castlemilk, Drumchapel and Ibrox among other areas but to fall short now would be agonising. Yes have fought by far and away the best and most positive campaign but with the might of the British state and media behind us it might not be enough.
A big reason for voting yes is that I believe I trust the people of Scotland to run the country and as such I trust that they will make the right decision and vote yes tomorrow.

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