The aftermath

As soon as my home, Eilean Siar, voted no I knew it was all over. I must point out though that Barra voted Yes and I’m very proud of them. I didn’t stay up that late because I knew it was just going to get worse and worse. Eilean siar was supposed to be Yes. We have had SNP MP Angus Brendan MacNeil since 2005 and SNP MSP Alasdair Allan since 2007 so there was clearly a want for independence. It was the Northern isles of Lewis and Harris that made it a no.

I went to bed soon after this. I couldn’t bear watching as one-by-one each council area announced for no. It would have been slow and agonising and would have done no one, especially me, any good. I woke up to a small bit of hope. I had texts saying that Dundee had gone yes and that Glasgow could possibly bring it home. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

Waking up to David Cameron promising more powers not just for us but for other areas I got the feeling we’d been conned. There’s no way that’s going to happen. Even if Cameron wanted to do that, and he doesn’t, his backbenchers won’t pass it and even if it did the House of Lords wouldn’t like it and could sit on it. That’s right British democracy means an unelected chamber of the elite can stop that and any other law they don’t like. This is the second time Westminster tories have played us for fools and we fell for it again. There will be no new powers. It will be business as usual at Westminster on Monday. They will continue giving NHS contracts to thier pals and shafting the poor, disabled, single mothers and many others while laughing and drinking champaign.

Honourable mention has to go to all council areas, most of them with high levels of deprevation, that did vote yes including my city, Glasgow. This and the fact that Cathcart where I’ve campaigned voted yes is a slight comfort but the sound of dreams shattering is still too loud for me to take much comfort in anything at the moment.

The best I hope for now is that all the people who voted yes and were voting for the first time don’t give up on politics again. We have a general election in May and your voice counts there too although I know many will find that hard to believe.

I’m still yes and always will be. One day it will come.

Just not yet.

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