You may have missed #1 Lux Lisbon – Get some scars

The aim of thisĀ is to bring to your attention to some great music that you may have missed this year. I have, however, discovered that the first EP I want to feature was released in 2013. Aside from the fact that means I should get with the times I decided to feature it anyway because… Continue reading You may have missed #1 Lux Lisbon – Get some scars

Manic street Preachers – Barrowlands 8/12/14

There was a mixture trepidation and anticipation at the Barrowlands. The Manic street preachers would be playing the holy bible in its entirety tonight but would three middle aged guys be able to pull off an album that they and Richey Edwards wrote as twenty somethings full of passion, frustration and angst? Less than an… Continue reading Manic street Preachers – Barrowlands 8/12/14