You may have missed #1 Lux Lisbon – Get some scars

The aim of this is to bring to your attention to some great music that you may have missed this year.

I have, however, discovered that the first EP I want to feature was released in 2013. Aside from the fact that means I should get with the times I decided to feature it anyway because I discovered it this year and I think more folk should listen to it. Lux Lisbon are one of my favourite wee discoveries of this year thanks to a twitter follow and chat from the lovely Stu.

The title track, get some scars, begins with some lush harmonies which come back another couple of times through the song. The song takes you from despair to redemption and hope via lyrics that declare “when I get to the gutter I get up and I show you the scars.”

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever come across this blog that I’m politics obsessed so I like it when bands get a bit political too particularly because there are not nearly enough bands doing it. On second track Bullingdon Club Lux Lisbon do exactly this. Inspired by the London riots it rages against the current government and their lack of understanding about why the riots happend. It’s been championed by the likes of Stewart Lee and Billy Bragg and has a pretty fantastic video. The music is particularly indie rock and is incredibly catchy. The highlight of the EP.

You’re heart is a weapon the size of your fist is full on disco rock and brings Lux Lisbon’s Killers influence to the fore. Again ridiculously catchy and doubtless a highlight of any live show. It’s very difficult not to jive around the room while having a casual listen.

Final track the Devil got me dancing has the Soulful vocals of Charlotte Austin front and centre which makes a change from main singer Stuart Rook. It’s full of deep and dark guitar lines. The title puts you in mind of a old blues tune but any thoughts of it being like this are quickly dispelled.

Lux Lisbon are pleasingly unique. The music is poppy but they also have something to say. The EP is riddled with catchy hooks and you just want to listen to it again. I’m quite sure I’ve listened to the whole thing three times since starting writing this review. They’re playing the Lexington in London on the 23rd January but since that sold out they added a new date on the 24th. I’m confident they would be a fantastic live band and hope they make their way north of the border soon.


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