Youngsters may be Westminster bound.

For last year’s independence referendum young people aged 16 and 17 were given the vote for the first time. A huge number of them took this on with great enthusiasm and relished the opportunity to be part of the democratic process. The intelligence, good humour and enthusiasm of the likes of Saffron Dixon and Liam… Continue reading Youngsters may be Westminster bound.

The future’s Neon – Neon waltz interviewed

Downstairs at Glasgow’s Nice N Sleazy, a group of young men stand slightly awkwardly as a photographer moves them about and snaps away. They are Neon Waltz and if music tastemakers like Vic Galloway, NME and Jim Gellatly are to be believed they’re going to have to get used to this kind of attention. “We… Continue reading The future’s Neon – Neon waltz interviewed