Corbyn, the first two (and a bit) weeks.

Jeremy Corbyn has now done his first Prime Minister’s Questions, made his first leader’s speech to conference and, after one false start, even made his first appearance on the Andrew Marr show. It’s not been an easy ride but no one thought it would be. During his leadership campaign most of the press took against… Continue reading Corbyn, the first two (and a bit) weeks.

Music Monday Chvrches -Every Open Eye

This follow up to debut The Bones of What You Believe sees Chvrches build perfectly on their debut. On Every Open Eye singer Lauren Mayberry’s pop vocals hide the strength and defiance in the lyrics. It also cements her place as one of the finest new voices to come out of Scotland for a long… Continue reading Music Monday Chvrches -Every Open Eye

Eala said РCatalonia should get a referendum 

Cast your mind back a year to the Scottish independence referendum. Whether your side came out on top or not I bet there are very few folk who would now say it shouldn’t have happened. It led to a carnival-like atmosphere at places like Buchanan Galleries and Edinburgh’s meadows, it got people young and old… Continue reading Eala said – Catalonia should get a referendum¬†