Music Monday Chvrches -Every Open Eye

This follow up to debut The Bones of What You Believe sees Chvrches build perfectly on their debut.

On Every Open Eye singer Lauren Mayberry’s pop vocals hide the strength and defiance in the lyrics. It also cements her place as one of the finest new voices to come out of Scotland for a long time.

The album was again recorded in multi-instrumentalist Iain Cook’s Glasgow flat which now has a bit more room since his flatmate moved out.

A lot of the songs on the record like Keep you on My side beg you to get up on the club dance floor or, failing that, dance around the living room despite the lyrics recounting what seems a particularly fraught break up.

Lead single leave a trace has been described as ‘a middle finger mic drop’ and it definitely is a huge fuck you song. The resulting video saw Mayberry receive some of the most vile mysoginistic abuse yet and it’s difficult not to see this album through the prism of her speaking out against this. It serves to make the songs seem more defiant than would perhaps be the case otherwise.

Chvrches are more than just Mayberry and the synths produced by Cook and Martin Doherty stab and swoop throughout the album with Doherty taking the vocal honours on High Enough to Carry You Over which is one of a few that hints at the softer side of Chvrches.

Every Open Eye doesn’t take Chvrches in A different direction, rather it solidifies and builds on what came before. Exactly what you look to do on a second album.

A perfect album of synth pop with a bit of a message.


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