Music Monday – Tip for 2016

It’ll probably come as no surprise to anyone who even vaguely knows me that my tip for 2016 is Neon Waltz as I’ve been going on about them to anyone who will listen since about March.

Their debut EP First Light was released last year and it’s six songs of brilliantly crafted pop with a slightly psychedelic edge that hints at the huge potential this band has.

The first song of Neon Waltz’s I heard was Perfect Frame. It was the acoustic version complete with video filmed in an old croft house in Caithness where the band are from. I was totally blown away and I wasn’t the only one, Noel Gallagher had also seen in and declared it the best thing he’d seen all year before inviting them to support him. No small compliment from the notoriously hard to please musician.

Since signing to Atlantic last year they have been working away on a debut album in between tours and if First Light is anything to go by it will be an absolute belter and I’m already ridiculously excited about it.

I would also very much recommend catching them live if you can particularly as, if there is any justice, they will not be playing small venues for that much longer.

I managed to catch them at Nice N Sleazy’s back in April. Since I moved to Argyll I’ve not been able to catch nearly as many gigs and I’m disappointed to not have seen them again. Both band and crowd were well up for it although there was little flashy showmanship to be found. The audience were already familiar with a fair few of the songs from the videos the band had uploaded.  This was impressive as First Light was yet to be released.

The music the band make is strikingly original and sounds like nothing else in a brilliant way. They put this down to coming from the most northerly point in Scotland where there is no music scene and they can be left to do their own thing.

The potential this band here is immense and this debut album could really be the start of them hitting the mainstream.

Read my interview with Neon Waltz.

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