On the campaign trail 16- Kick off

The starting gun has well and truly been fired on the Scottish election that will take place on May 5, just over three months away.

With Labour in disarray and the Tories disliked to the extent that the Liberal Democrats  continue to be punished for their ill advised coalition no one would bet against the SNP increasing their majority and polls show this to be likely.

This may have at least as much to do with the non-existence of credible alternative than a great love of the Nationalists. People like Tory leader Ruth Davidson but often add that they could not vote for her party. Its a credit to her that the Tories are polling strongly and could come become the opposition with Labour taking third place and possibly losing all their constituency seats.

Labour’s  problem is confusion over what they actually stand for. Take trident as a particularly prickly example. UK leader Jeremy Corbyn is against it and has been throughout his lengthy political career. Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale, on the other hand, wants to keep the nuclear deterrent.

There are also the two other pro independence parties Scottish Green and new kids on the block RISE, formed from the ashes of the Radical independence campaign.

Both of these parties threaten to expose the SNP for not being as left wing as they may appear with both having anti-monarchy, anti-nato stances. They will both be going mainly for list seats with the Greens hoping to capitalise on the new membership it has gained since the referendum and Rise on the belief the referendum gave many that another Scotland is possible.

There is a lot the three parties agree on too such as and end to austerity, protection of the NHS and the scrapping of trident.

At the moment it might look like a foregone conclusion, the SNP win, Labour tank and the Green get a hand full of new MSPs but there’s a long way to go.

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