Eala said – Cameron should resign but he won’t

Today people took to the streets to protest about Prime Minister David Cameron and his family’s offshore dealings.

After the Panama Papers leak it took the Prime Minister days of weaseling out of responsibility and claiming it was nothing to do with him before he finally admitted he had benefited from his  dad’s offshore  company Blairemore Holdings which paid no tax in 30 years.

He sold £31,000 worth of shares in the company just before being elected Prime Minister in 2010. He claims he also sold any other shares he had and revealed he inherited £300,000 from his father but could not point to where all that money had come from.

By this point it was more the fact that he had said he and his family had ‘no shares, no offshore trusts, no offshore funds’ that had angered the public. He is claimed to be a hypocrite as he has previously said legal tax avoidance is immoral while holding shares in an offshore fund that avoided tax although it is claimed that that is not why it was set up.

So this has brought people, many colourfully dressed in Hawaiian shirts, to 10 Downing Street to call for his resignation. It was a good solid protest and a necessary one but he will not resign for one simple reason, he does not seem to think he has done anything wrong. This is not to say the protest is pointless, people still need to show him what they think of him whether or not it quickly succeeds.

When Cameron, protesters following behind him, made his way to the Conservative forum he did not apologies to the party, or the country,  for the tax avoidance but instead apologised for not handling the press and spinning it well. Not the words of a man who can see that what he has done is perhaps not illegal but is immoral.

It speaks volumes about the lack of trust people have in him that very few people were even surprised at this revelation. They know and understand that rich people like Cameron and his family will go to great lengths to protect their fortune. They will also go to great length to protect any power they may have and you can bet the only way Cameron will be pulled from power is kicking and screaming. He believes he is entitled to it and it is his rightful place and everyone else must understand that.

Unfortunately the only way we can get rid of him is at the ballot box and we won’t get the opportunity to do that until 2020. It seems an age away and much can and will happen between now and then but lets make sure we take the chance when it comes.

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