Lux Lisbon @ Stereo 14/4/16

Lux Lisbon’s tour round Britain got off to a perfect start at Stereo in Glasgow.

The band were raring to go and they came out of the traps with a huge amount of energy. Opener, Demons you show, features the boy/girl vocals between Stuart Rook and Charlie Austen which is a huge part of the band. Charlie had already performed as Kite Strings to open the gig.

Providing visuals is a backdrop with official videos being played for the songs that have them and other videos in between. Being a DIY band a lot must go into getting this done and it’s the first time I’ve seen a video screen at Stereo, it made if feel more of a show.

This only being the start of the tour I don’t want to give too much away about the visuals for those who are going to a later show, but I was laughing out loud one point and bits were also quite thought provoking.

The main focus, though, was always the band who know how to put on a high-energy and engaging gig. There was plenty banter with the audience which always seemed natural.

Each song was a short, sharp burst of energy and Stuart was encouraging folk to clap and sing along, the audience didn’t need too much encouragement to join in.

Many of the songs, Devil got me Dancing for example, are important social messages dressed up as power pop and made able to dance along to. It’s so rare that bands have much to say that it’s really refreshing and performed with meaning. This song had Charlie on lead vocals, ‘That was fun.’ she commented from the stage afterwards.

Lux Lisbon definitely save the best until last and if the final song of the main set had been the last song I don’t think I would have been the only one disappointed, particularly judging by the shouts and clapping bidding them return.

So return they did for the best part of the night. Beginning with Memento Mori, a song that reminds you repeatedly that you’re going to die should not have people dancing about, smiling and singing along but that is exactly what happens as it encourages you to sieze the day while you can.

Penultimate song was Bullingdon Club, complete with words on the screen to encourage mass karaoke. It went down just as well as you would expect in a city that held a Thatcher death party. Finally the energy was brought down a little for a final song of Get some Scars.

The Lux Lisbon tour takes in:

Dark Horse, Moseley, April 17.

Bodega Social Club, Nottingham, April 18

The Deaf Institute, Manchester, April 19

The Green Door, Brighton, April 20

It then climaxes with their biggest show at London’s Scala on April 21 which has sold out.

If you need more convincing to go and buy tickets you can get free music from Lux Lisbon here. I’ve had them for a while but I’ve been listening to them on repeat since the gig.




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