Music Monday – Radiohead hit peak Radiohead

There can’t be many bands that could have thousands of people staring and madly clicking refresh as their website slowly fades out.

This is exactly what Radiohead managed as hype about their, supposedly upcoming, 9th album reached fever pitch. People noticed the opacity on their website was slowly reducing yesterday afternoon which led to questions of what would happen when it reached 0 per cent. ‘The website will renew and there will be a link to LP 9’ the Internet reassured itself during breaks from clicking refresh.

As this rapture like event happened the screen simply went blank and there was no HTML at all on the website. Then things started getting even wierder, instead of the expected link to the album, Radiohead slowly and systematically began deleting their tweets and Facebook statuses.

It was around then I, and some others, floated the idea that what if it isn’t the new LP, what if they’re splitting up? I was reassured to remember they had announced a series of shows later in the year. In between scratching their heads fans came up with all sorts of ideas the most plausible of which could be that the album will be released only in physical formats. This would tie in with them getting rid of their internet presence. It would also be a compete about turn for a band who have released an album as a pay what you like digital download and free on a torrent website. Then again, they always come up with something different.

It all began when some fans received a postcard that read ‘sing the song of sixpence that goes burn the witch.’ Supposedly a reference to a song that has been known about for years but never released. They also registered a new company, something they have done before other releases, called dawn chorus. This is significant as dawn chorus day was May 1.

24 hours after the website went blank and we still know no more. Whatever comes next Radiohead have done a fantastic job of getting people intrigued simply by not engaging with the internet. People were going mad for it and demanding to know what will happen. Radiohead might just be the only band where you really never know what might happen next.


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