Eala said – The EU ref has shown Britain at its worst – The Brexit Blog

I’ve refrained from mentioning the EU referendum, mostly because I’ve found the campaigns depressing and completely uninspiring.

Up until recently I had been perfectly willing to entertain the idea of voting out, I was always leaning towards remain but I will now definitely be voting remain because the leave campaign is nasty and poisonous.

The rhetoric coming out of the campaign regarding refugees is simply disgusting and it was this that first proved that, although there are legitimate reasons to want to leave, we would not be leaving for the right reasons. Since then this has kept ramping up and the poster Nigel Farage launched on Thursday was horrifying. Thousands of refugees fleeing ISIS and other terrorists is a humanitarian problem, we should be trying to help, not pulling up the drawbridge.

This kind of talk often comes from London and the south east where there is such a housing crisis that you can rent a two bedroom flat here in Argyll cheaper than you can rent a room in London. In much of Scotland immigration is needed. There are huge areas, like Argyll, that are experiencing depopulation and need more people.

That the leave campaign have blatantly lied on plenty of occasions truly angers me. There is no way I could trust them. ‘Turkey is joining the EU’ screams a recent campaign leaflet. It isn’t at least not any time soon. It can’t meet the criteria needed to join at the moment but even if it could any member state, including Britain, could veto  membership. Campaigners have also been riding around on a bus that claims it costs £350 million a week to be in the EU, a figure that has been thoroughly debunked.

Also much discussed has been these so called ‘unelected eurocrats’ first, let me clear something up, the European Parliament is directly elected, just because so few people vote doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. The council of ministers is made up of a minister from each member state who we elect to parliament, the minister depends on what talks are being held. Finally, the commission is unelected but is appointed by the prime minister, who we elect.

If we want to look for unelected lawmakers then we have to look much closer to home. There are around 800 lords who we have had no say in electing. Some are there because of who their parents were, some are bishops. It is the fact we have the second largest unelected legislative assembly after China’s National People’s congress that makes a mockery of our democracy.

When I was young we got a causeway from the island I lived in to the next island. It was the biggest civil engineering in Europe at the time and was funded by a lot of European money. This proves that plenty of money comes back, often into rural communities that need it most.

Polls prove this vote could go either way and for both sides every single vote will count. This is hugely important for all of our futures.

Both sides of the referendum have been depressing and I don’t think there will be any politicians who will see it as their finest moments. Leave have lied, been racist and is run by politicians I have no respect for, that’s why I will definitely vote remain.

Now read about the last European election.

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