What have we done? The Brexit blog

Once again Scotland is collectively banging its head against a brick wall wondering just what it can do to have any influence in UK politics.

A year ago almost every single Westminster seat went to the SNP but still we got a Tory government that Scotland has rejected now for decades. This morning we woke up to the news that Scotland is leaving the European Union despite every council area voting to remain, some by as much as three to one. It’s a frustrating and dispiriting business to say the least.

This has already led to mutterings about a second independence referendum getting louder. First Minister Sturgeon is yet to officially comment but she is expected to speak later this morning. In Northern Ireland, which is also a clear remain, there are mutterings of a referendum to re-unify Ireland.

Brexit winning has also led to David Cameron resigning. When I pictured that moment I expected it to be a moment of joy where I would do a happy dance up and down Lochgilphead front Green but there is no joy today. I never thought I would say this but he should stay on. It was the power play between he and his old school chums and Bullingdon boys that got us into this mess. He should get us out of it.

Waiting in the wings is someone I suspect will be so much worse, someone with a shock of blonde hair and who claims we would appreciate the NHS more if we paid for it at the point of need. I have had nightmareish visions of Prime Minister Boris and President Trump shaking hands at the white house and that vision seems closer now than it has ever been.

Nigel Farage will soon find himself out of employment, his job done. He wanted us out, he didn’t care how and he doesn’t care what the implications will now be. Judging by his previous record, he will not win a seat at Westminster if he runs. This means he can run off into the sunset, never able to be held properly to account on the promises he made. One of these promises, that the money we will supposedly save by leaving the EU would be spent on the NHS, he has already breezily dismissed as ‘a mistake.’

We’re in uncharted waters and it’s difficult to see what might happen in the next few hours never mind days or weeks. We certainly live in interesting times.

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