We’ve been shown the door – The Brexit Blog

No sooner had the cold light of day dawned on Brexit then Leave leader Boris Johnson seemed to want to slam on the breaks.

‘There’s no need for haste.’ he implored like a schoolboy who has suddenly realised his prank had gone too far and he was now going to have to face the consequences. Actually yes, there is need for haste came the answer from EU presidents Jean Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz and Donald Tusk. You know the ones, these faceless presidents no one can name? Boris, as likely prime minister, will have plenty opportunity to learn their names as he will be getting to known them very well during the negotiating period. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French foreign minister have also said it must be done quickly.

In typically arrogant fashion, Boris and David Cameron thought it would be up to them to decided when to trigger article 50 which will take us out of the EU within two years. Cameron wanted to stay on ‘steadying the ship’ until October when Boris would be ‘the captain to take it to its new destination’, presumably outwith EU waters. Once this was done they would trigger article 50.

Unfortunately for them there is the EU and its other 27 states to consider, it is unlikely to want to do Britain any favours and why should it? Britain said out so out it goes. Why would it want to wait to get rid of the shackles of the EU? The reason is actually very simple. No one has a clue what comes next. The most the leave campaign seemed to have thought ahead were ideas hastily scribbled on the back of a fag packet about 5am on June 24.

Britain shouldn’t be surprised that this was the EU’s reaction. It’s been a sullen presence in the EU since the start and has constantly demanded special attention. If you stamp your feet and say you want out, don’t be surprised when you’re shown the door.

Juncker and the other chiefs know this is going to be a very difficult time. They are keen to stress the unity between the other countries who are, of course, their priority. The union is going to be tested like never before as far right leaders in other countries like the Netherlands and France, lets not forget Front National leader Marine Le Pen was a Brexit supporter, call for a similar referendum. The EU want Britain out before it causes any more trouble.

These fag packet ideas are now needed to be developed and made workable. Its time for Brexit leaders to step up, start making plans and well, leading. If they don’t it could make this even more difficult than it needs to be.

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