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Call off the search, the Tories have been found and returned to parliament. Well all apart from a certain Mr Boris Johnson who must be having one heck of a long game of cricket.

Boris did find time to pen a column for the Telegraph in which he claimed Britain would have access to the single market and people would be allowed to go and work in the EU. Give me one good reason to believe him, he’s as clueless as anyone else as to what is going to happen next. He also suggested that there would be a points based system for EU nationals coming to live in Britain. This is wholly unrealistic, you can’t have Brits coming and going as they please while Britain carefully vets people coming in. It’s simply not going to fly in Europe.

It must be remembered that EU leaders are still mighty angry and have refused to even discuss informally what might happen until article 50 has been triggered and Britain is on its way out. Its hard to believe there will be much negotiation. Britain voted out so its going to have to go along with what the EU say to a large extent. It is difficult to negotiate from such a weak position.

David Cameron is increasingly losing power and will now be stepping down much earlier than planned. We may have a new Prime Minister as soon as August depending on how many stand. In parliament Cameron was far chipper than he had any right to be, even making a joke at Labour’s expense soon after getting to his feet. Perhaps its relief.

There will now almost certainly be a quick election, possibly on October 13. After such a disaster for the Tories this would, on normal occasions, be a walk in the park for Labour. Not so this time, at this point no one knows who will still be in the shadow cabinet in an hour let along a week or a month. Corbyn has so many knives in his back there will be no space for the next to resign to stick one in. While members of the parliamentary Labour party may have lost confidence in Corbyn it’s not the same story for the party members, thousands of whom have been rallying in his support outside parliament. Whatever happens now Labour owe it to the party and to the country to sort themselves out quickly and provided a real challenge to the Conservatives.

The worst thing that has come out of this is that casual racism has been legitimsed. People all over the country are being told that we don’t want them here, that we voted out and they should leave. The people who are doing this are the people who have no place in this country and this must stop. Various anti racism organisations have  reported huge spikes in hate crime and this must stop.

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2 thoughts on “Return of the Tories – The Brexit Blog

  1. An interesting read and I can sense your fundamental anger at leaving, which I share. I Listened to the majority of the parliamentary debate yesterday and I am amazed Boris and Gove could just not turn up to Parliament to help the country gain some clarity on how we will move forward, I’m also amazed that so little has been made of their absence in the media.

  2. This is it, leaving is one thing but the way it’s been handled since with no one taking any responsibility is an utter disgrace. Was interested to see the scenes from the European Parliament today too, compare the reaction to Alyn Smith with the reaction to Farage.

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