Get thee to the polls …again

In calling a snap election Prime Minister Theresa May is out for no one but herself.

She wants to consolidate her position and be able to run the Brexit negotiations as she wants rather than having to bother with these pesky elected MPs.

Labour are, in public, saying “bring it on” while in private they’re dashing about trying to figure out who to stand as some current MPs are reportedly considering not seeking reelection.

As much as I would like to wake on June 9 to Jeremy Corbyn walking through the doors of number 10, as much for the look on the faces of Conservatives and reporters as for the fact I support some of his policies, many would agree that it would be more shocking than the Brexit result or even Alloa Athletic beating Barcelona.

To get round the coalition’s fixed term parliament act, May needs two-thirds of MPs to back her. Instead of running towards the ballot box Labour MPs should be telling her “Now is not the time,” calling her on her hypocrisy as she repeatedly ruled out an early election, and getting its house in order.

Nowhere is Labour’s woes more apparent than in Scotland where it will hold its collective breath to see if sole MP Ian Murray retains his Edinburgh seat.

The SNP will likely ride the wave of Scottish pro-EU feeling to victory and polling suggests it will come close to retaining the unprecedented 56 seats won in 2015.

Another interesting point will be what happens to Natalie McGary and Michelle Thomson who were both were elected as SNP MPs but not longer retain the party whip.

The most likely scenario is that they will step down. It is unlikely they will return to the fold and even less likely they will stand as independents. People are already lining up to fight for the SNP candidacy for McGary’s seat with Councillor Rosa Sambonina and former youth wing convenor David Linden declaring their interest.

There is little wonder that the announcement was met with a collective sigh and a “here we go again” eye-roll. In just three years Scots have been to the polls seven times.

It all started back in May 2014 with what turned out to be the UKs last European election, then came the independence referendum that September and the last Westminster election in 2015. 2016 saw the Holyrood election with the Brexit vote hot on its heels. I’m sure none have forgotten there is a council election coming in May and then this General election will be a month after. By this time next year, we may also have had another independence referendum.

No wonder even us politicos are getting fed up with it.

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