No rush for Indyref 2

Since Brexit the shouts for a second independence referendum have become louder and louder. Supporters of independence would do well to take heed of Nicola Sturgeon’s pragmatic position. Brexit does constitute the kind of change that justifies the question being asked again – the Britain Scotland voted to remain part of has changed utterly since… Continue reading No rush for Indyref 2

Eala said – Catalonia should get a referendumĀ 

Cast your mind back a year to the Scottish independence referendum. Whether your side came out on top or not I bet there are very few folk who would now say it shouldn’t have happened. It led to a carnival-like atmosphere at places like Buchanan Galleries and Edinburgh’s meadows, it got people young and old… Continue reading Eala said – Catalonia should get a referendumĀ 

The case of the missing powers

It’s been two weeks since Scotland rejected independence by 45% to 55%. Many people who voted no did so because in the final weeks leading up to the referendum Miliband, Cameron and Clegg came charging up to Scotland in a panic to promise us more powers. We then had Gordon Brown enter the media fray… Continue reading The case of the missing powers

I always wanted a paper round.

Yesterday there was a debate in the Westminster parliament on Scotland’s place in the UK. It was predictably based on fear and very one sided, contributions by Messrs Wishart and MacNeil excepted. When they were allowed to speak they were shouted down by MPs who refused to listen to another side. Then this morning we… Continue reading I always wanted a paper round.