SNP hold Argyll and Bute

Team SNP was in good spirits throughout the Scottish election count for Argyll and Bute constituency at Lochgilphead Joint Campus. This relaxed mood was justified as there was unlikely to be a shock here, Michael Russell had held the seat in 2011 with 50 per cent of the vote. Across the room it was a… Continue reading SNP hold Argyll and Bute

On the campaign trail 16 – All’s fair in love and politics

The official campaigns have finally got underway and Holyrood is deserted until the next batch of MPs take their places in May. I remembered this when I went to send an irate letter to a certain Mr MacKay about the fact that it was going to take 14 hours to get from where I grew… Continue reading On the campaign trail 16 – All’s fair in love and politics

Lecturers back industrial action

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) have backed industrial action over their pension scheme. There will be talks today between employer’s representatives and the union to try and prevent any action from going ahead. UCU Scotland official Mary Senior said they would go into the talks “hopeful that we can resolve the current… Continue reading Lecturers back industrial action